We all know that DCT Casino Philippines is committed to providing quality services to its players, ensuring all the time that users are safe and can have a healthy gaming experience. In providing excellent services, the DCT Online Casino also abides by the Laws regulated by the PAGCOR and the Philippine Government.

For avid players and casual gamers of  DCT, there are rules to follow these rules are carefully made to maintain the safety of everyone.

1. Always read and follow the Terms and Conditions. 

DCT is encouraging all players to thoroughly read and understand the Terms and Conditions. Understanding the terms and conditions will help you navigate through the realms of online casinos. As a player, it’s your sole responsibility to follow and abide by the rules. 

Here are the reasons why it is imperative  to  follow the Terms and Conditions:

  1. Legal Compliance

Failure to follow the terms and conditions will lead to legal consequences and penalties. 

  1. Protection of the Player’s Rights

Protecting yourself should always be your ultimate goal. Terms and conditions generally outline the rights and obligations of both the player and the operator. By understanding these terms, players can protect their rights and ensure they receive fair treatment from the game operator. 

  1. Money Security

The terms and conditions include rules regarding financial transactions, such as procedures of withdrawals and deposits, added fees, and credit wallet balances. By being knowledgeable, players can ensure that transactions and information are safe from fraud. 

  1. Access to Rewards

DCT is a generous website offering daily, weekly, and monthly promotions. To make use of promotions, the player must understand when and how to avail of these rewards. This is an exclusive perk you may enjoy by carefully following the terms and conditions.

2. Choose the game of your choice. 

If you are good at slot games online, go to the “slot game menu” and pick your bet. DCT reminds everyone to carefully select a game to avoid and ensure an excellent game experience. When choosing a game, check the minimum and maximum bet to help with your budget in the long run.

3.Bankroll Management

Bankroll Management is one of the most important rules to follow. Maintain a minimum credit balance of Php 100, or the system will close your account. Properly manage your money, set aside your winnings, and use the remaining money for gambling. Do not gamble all your winnings.

4. Allocate time for playing and stick to the schedule

DCT strictly reminds all users to play only in their leisure time to avoid game addiction.

5.Register an account once

 Players are prohibited from registering more than one account with DCT. When registering an account, upload a valid government identification card (ID) to validate the player’s identity.

6. Protect your account

Hackers are everywhere, and DCT keeps players’ identities confidential at all times. DCT promises to protect players’ information and as a player, be cautious.

7. Use the Live Chat Feature

Use the Live Chat Feature for any problems players might encounter. Inform Customer Service of concerns like account problems, withdrawals, deposits, and promotions. Do not call or ask for help from anyone unrelated to DCT; directly contact and utilize the live chat feature.


Both the game operator and players have a responsibility to strictly follow the Terms and Conditions of the game to maintain a harmonious and safe gaming environment for everyone.  

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