Cards Against Humanity is a game made for open-minded people- with a great sense of humor. Playing this game allows players to widen their humor, be open, and express themselves without facing criticism and humiliation.


1. Gather Your Friends: 

Cards Against Humanity is a recreational activity best played with a circle of friends- who appreciate humor and enjoy a good laugh. The game is ideal with 6-8 players. The maximum is 20 players, and the minimum number of players is 4. For large gatherings or intimate game nights. The more, the merrier!

2. Set Up the Game:

Each player is handed ten (10)white “answer” cards. One player will be chosen as Czar and hold the Card Czar for the first round. The Card Czar’s role is to read the black “question” cards and judge the answers.

3. Understand the Cards: 

The white cards contain unique phrases and hysterically funny words, while the black cards contain questions or fill-in-the-blank phrases. To match the funniest or most absurd white card with the black card’s prompt is the game objective.

4. Start the Round: 

The Card Czar draws a black card and reads it aloud. For example, the black card might say, “What is Batman’s guilty pleasure?”

5. Submit Your Answer: 

All players (except the Card Czar) choose a white card from their hand that they think best completes the black card’s prompt. For the example above, players might submit cards like “Child beauty pageants” or “A bop-it.”

6. Vote the best and most hilarious Answer: 

The Card Czar collects the submitted white cards, shuffles them, and reads them aloud, along with the black card. The Card Czar then chooses the best answer- the funniest or most fitting and awards the black card to the player who submitted it. That player keeps the black card as a point.

7. Play Next Round: 

The role of the Card Czar rotates to the next player (player on the left side), and a new round begins. The game continues, players will pick new white cards to reload their hands until a set score or time limit is done.

8. Win the Game: 

Winning the game is simple, whoever has the most black cards by the end of the game will win.


The game of “Cards Against Humanity” is an entertaining game, before engaging ensure to choose a circle of friends to play this game with. Be reminded that there are vulgar words and sometimes inappropriate phrases. Always play at the Best Online Casino in Philippines. 

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